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We encourage appointments booked 24 hours in advance to ensure preferred stylists availability.

There is a $50 cancellation fee for any "no shows" or cancelled within 24 hrs of appointment

Understanding our Cancellation Policy

We, much like many other salons, have a strict cancellation policy.

Here are the reasons why we stand behind that decision;

First, we want to start this topic by thanking our guests. Without your support, we would not be able to confidently stand behind our policy. It’s unfortunate that such a policy exists. We feel strongly that the guests who visit us repeatedly, respect us as professionals and we’re grateful because this is the regard at which we hold ourselves. It’s always the case that a few can ruin it for everyone.

Our Policy Protects Our Stylists

Did you know that at Premier all of our Stylists are self employed? This means they do not make a salary, they do not get paid hourly. They earn their living by taking care of the guests in their chair. If a guest doesn’t show up for their appointment or cancels with little notice, this doesn’t leave an opportunity for the Stylist to book another appointment.

Our Policy Protects Our Guests

At any given moment, we have three to ten guests waiting on a cancellation list for appointments. We are also booked as an entire team up to three weeks out, especially nights and weekends. So given this demand, we have to enforce our policy to protect those who are eagerly waiting for their appointments.

Our Policy for Our Everyday Guests

In the event that you need to cancel your appointment, please be sure to give us a minimum of a 24-hour notice. This allows other guests to book an appointment during this time slot. Any appointments that are canceled with less than a 24-hour notice are subject to a cancellation fee of $50.00. Any appointments that are ‘no show’ will be subject to 100% of all the scheduled service(s).

Grace & Exceptions

We understand that accidents happen, people get sick and/or emergencies occur. We will do our best to accommodate these rare occasions with grace. Unfortunately we do record these occurrences so as to prevent abuse of the policy. We understand this may come across as shrewd and our goal is to be preventative in order to protect and accommodate our team and guests.

Thank you for your understanding!